7 O’Clock Community
7 O'Clock Community, originally initiated by 7 O’Clock Capital to share knowledge of DeFi and accelerate implementation of DeFi in the real world, has a lot of core community members who have sophisticated understanding of DeFi, China’s top crypto influencers, and reaches over 1 million crypto asset traders through its media partners. Together with 7 O’Clock Capital, the community forms a solid foundation and ecosystem with indispensable resources to finance and incubate early stage projects.
  • Community
    Enjoying 20K active members, 5000 core members with sophisticated understanding of DeFi
  • Marketing
    By virtue of crypto media partners and China’s top 50 crypto influencers, the community covers 200k+ crypto traders
  • Project
    7 O'Clock Community has worked with over 100+ projects through AMA, marketing and project incubation
  • Leading
    We work with over 100+ industry leading organizations, including institutional investors, exchanges, media and more
What We Provide
  • AMA
    7 O'Clock Community has 10 Wechat groups, which we utilize to communicate with our community core members. Each group has 400~500 DeFi enthusiasts. A project will have an AMA at one main wechatgroup, where we have invited our Fund LPs, close partners, and projects that did AMA with us in the past. Those industry leaders will be able to read AMA real time directly in the group and connect with an AMA guest. At the same time, AMA will be forwarded to other 9 Wechat groups by chat bot.
  • Marketing
    7 O'Clock Community is built and supported by DeFi enthusiasts who are willing to deep dive into different DeFi projects and ecosystem, brand exposure in our community is equivalent to talking to project users and potential partners. Plus, we are directly conneced with C-levels from China's top crypto medias such as ChainNews, jinse.com, Mars Finance, and works with top 50 crypto influencers in China. Last but not least, each of our Wechat Official Account article has average 1000+ views, read by DeFi enthusiasts. With all these partners and resources above we reach over 200k crypto traders.
  • Community Building
    Without community, no project can survive for a long term. 7 O'Clock has worked with over 100 different projects that we provided tailored marketing. We leverage that experience, know where&how to find project target users. As for usual community building, it begins with AMA and media release to increase brand awareness, and then we start to connect with potential users and audiences by building wechat group. We will build and operate the first 1~2 Wechat groups for a project, after that, the project will have to hire a community manager to grow the Wechat community.
  • Match Making
    Together with 7 O'Clock Capital, the community forms a healthy DeFi ecosystem where projects can be supported with fund, resources and community. We provide a launchpad where project can take root and grow.
  • Demo Day
    We host conference and event to help our projects connect with even more investors and partners, and also to help our partners and LPs connect with even more exceptional projects. Please click here to see our past event.
  • In-Depth Incubation
    A tailored incubation for projects that are in need of solid foundation in China.
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7 O'Clock community is building a healthy and productive DeFi ecosystem by growing together with our partners.

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