A Crypto Asset Venture Fund

Focused on DeFi

7 O'Clock Capital is a crypto asset venture fund focused on DeFi. Through financing and providing launchpad for early stage DeFi projects, 7 O'Clock Capital accelerates implementation of DeFi in real world and nurtures DeFi ecosystem worldwide.

At the same time, 7 O'Clock Capital also pays close attention to other blockchain sectors such as public chains, Web3, distributed storage, NFT so as to help blockchain better adapt to the existing global financial system and boost liquidity of digital assets.

7 O’Clock Community
7 O'Clock Community, originally initiated by 7 O’Clock Capital to share knowledge of DeFi and accelerate implementation of DeFi in the real world, has a lot of core community members who have sophisticated understanding of DeFi, China’s top crypto influencers, and reaches over 1 million crypto asset traders through its media partners. Together with 7 O’Clock Capital, the community forms a solid foundation and ecosystem with indispensable resources to finance and incubate early stage projects.
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